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Why Strength Is Important As An Ironman Competitor

MarathonThe Ironman triathlon is a challenging test of an athlete’s mental, emotional and physical stamina. To make sure that you survive the rigorous demands of an Ironman competition, it is important to strength train for all three sports portions: swimming, bike riding and running to finish successfully.

Training for the Ironman competition normally takes 20 to 36 weeks, depending on how physically in shape you are. The first month of your training (seen as a warm up period) prepares your body for the strenuous activity you will be engaging in during the triathalon. Muscle groups that include the abdominal muscles, the lower back (lumbar region), and the thoracic and cervical region of the spine all make up your “core muscles,” which serve to provide stability, support, and a solid foundation for the rest of the body to function efficiently. After focusing on strengthening your core, you can build strength with your other muscle groups for each portion of the Ironman competition.