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Coaching Competitively: Ironman Training & Other Sports


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen an individual participates in a solo activity like Ironman competitions or team activities, there is often a coach who actively mentors and guides individuals to develop in certain key areas. The act of coaching involves helping the individual to develop personal skills as well as skills specific to the activity or sport, and because of this, the coach can have a major impact on a person’s life. While many people think about coaching for activities like football, baseball or soccer, the fact is that coaching swimming can be like coaching any other sport.

Individual Safety:

With every type of sport that you participate in, there is an element of risk for injury. For example, with swimming, you can be injured due to overuse or poor body mechanics. If you are a skeet shooting coach, you will need to make sure that your pupil locks away their firearms in the gun safe that best fits their guns (like the examples at to prevent bodily injury to themselves and to others.  Individual safety is important, but coaching can be help individuals to learn more about the safe way to participate in a sport they are interested in or passionate about.

Individual Sports Skills:

In order to be successful in any sport and for the individual to participate at the highest level that is feasible for him or her, improving individual skills relevant to the sport is important. Each sport will require the individual to refine specific skills. For example, with swimming, endurance and improved body mechanics may be refined for the best results.

Personal Skills:

While coaching techniques and insight can help a player or participant develop sports-specific skills, coaching can also help an individual with personal development. In some cases, personal development from a sport can relay into personal development in the real-world. For example, team sports can help an individual to function more effectively in a group setting at work or to be a leader in specific situations. All sports may teach an individual how to work hard to achieve goals, how to focus on a task and how to identify weaknesses that may need to be refined. Perseverance, focus, integrity and leadership are just a few of the personal skills that may be developed by a coach, and these can have an impact on the person’s ability to participate in the sport and on the person’s life outside of the sport.

Whether you are coaching swimming, football, volleyball or even or competitive long range shooting, the fact is that your ability to develop the player or participant can have important effects on the person’s ability to participate in the sport and on other aspects of their lives. Regardless of which sport you are coaching, you will have the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of your players or participants.